Gators are Learning

While not offered as an excuse, the Gators are a very young team, lacking experience. What they have shown so far this season is a willingness to learn. While the first game must not have offered any defensive challenge, the second game against a very good ECU showed the Gators they were not at the elite level.  I believe the team had gotten a little overconfident and lost focus and the understand every practice session, as well as every play on Saturday deserves, no make that requires full effort and attention.

This team showed grit and determination in the Kentucky game. All of the so-called experts on the four letter sports network pregame show picked Kentucky to win, as did most everyone else.  This was the year for Kentucky, improving significantly under coach Stoops, to break the 28 year streak. It was broken, but not the way they thought – it is now 29 straight years of Gator victories.  Our young, RS Freshman quarterback, Will Grier has made amazing strides in  leading this team.  Although obviously hurting, he showed determination to stay in the game and finish what had started. Encouraging !

Website Additions

Gators:   We are adding to the Gator Sports section, which contains selected videos for each game of this season. We hope you like them.

Technology:   Several new syndicated feeds detailing advances in computer hardware, software and related information are being added.  It will take awhile to get this section fully populated, so look for new feeds whenever you visit.

Again, thanks for visiting. Feel free to visit often and enjoy the resources we are putting together for you.  and remember – GO GATORS and 73.

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