A Day of Sadness & Rededication….

A Day of Sadness…..

Monday, 12 October, was a day of true sadness for Gator Fans. A historical legend stepped down from coaching the game he loves and a legend in the making admitted a serious mistake that results in him stepping aside as the starting quarterback for our Gators for, possibly, 12 months.

The greatest offensive minded head coach ever in college football, Steve Spurrier, announced it was time for him to step aside. The Ole HBC is the only head coach to both win a Heisman Trophy as a player and coach another to a Heisman Award.  This occurred while he was at the University of Florida.  I was fortunate to attend every home game the OBC coached at UF. The greatest Gator home game ever in the Swamp is available at the Gator Video Page.  He has earned the respect and admiration of every fan who has entered “the Swamp.”

From his retirement press conference:

Watching Coach Mac’s press conference was the same as watching the air deflate from Tom Brady’s football.  Will Grier had to face the media and the Gator Nation and admit to his error.  He took an over the counter supplement that contained a banned substance. As a result, the NCAA automatically suspends Grier for one year. While having the same penalty for an over the counter substance anyone could purchase as would be imposed for illegally possessed steroids or street drugs.  Grier’s mistake was in not checking with the medical or training staff before taking the supplement.  One year suspension seems to be an excessive level of punishment, especially when you consider Todd Gurley was suspended for 4 games and Tunsil is eligible to return after a 7 game suspension.  Both Gurley and Tunsil knowingly and intentionally committed acts they knew were violations.  Grier has been at UF for over a year, been tested numerous times, and never had a problem before which indicates he was not using and PED long term.  During his red shirt year in the conditioning program, he added 20 pounds, again not indicative of an unusual weight gain for this young man. His academic record is reportedly very good, his background has no reported disciplinary problems. He is obviously remorseful and stood up to face the consequences.  Watch this excerpt from the press conference:

Now it is time to get behind Treon Harris.  The Gators are still in control of their destiny.  Time for the Gator Nation, in all kinds of weather, to support our team.

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