A Stand Tall Loss

In assessing the LSU game, look at the facts:

This is the fourth backup quarterback LSU has faced in the last four weeks. They remain undefeated.

Treon had 4 days to prepare for the starting quarterback role.  Even in 4 weeks, you cannot coach in height.

Prior to the game, Les Miles has coached 46 games at night in Death Valley.  He has won 44 of the 46 games. Now he is 45 and 2 at night.

In addition to the above, the officiating in this game was not the best I have seen. While not as bad as the Swindle in the Swamp, there were several game changing calls and non-calls that took control of the game rather than facilitating the game.  I was really dissppointed in the officiating. It amazes me that we drew the same team of officials in two of our six games.

While our Gators lost, I was really impressed with the fight this team showed. They never quit. They played their hearts out for the full 60 minutes.  I am very proud that Coach Mac encouraged each player as they left the field, telling them to hold their heads up. This team has nothing to be ashamed about.

The Gators still control their destiny.  The coaches have two weeks to let the team heal, develop an innovative game plan that capitalizes on the strengths Treon showed against LSU, and work on helping the team learn from the mistakes they made in this competitive game.

It is still GREAT to be a FLORIDA GATOR.  


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