Slowly Recovering…..

Several months ago, we had lightening damage to our computers and my ham radio shack.  The past few months have been spent trouble shooting our air conditioning, electrical appliances, computers and station equipment.  Whie not exactly fun, we can now seen the end of the tunnel and will, hopefully, hack to normal.


For our Ham friends, we are sporadically back on the air – usually 20 M at 14.070 PSK. Still having some codec and port issues, but better than before.


For our website friends, we are coming back, enjoying Spring Ball and will begin updating the site much more often.  We are trying to add a travelogue picture section which will show some of the beautiful places we have been fortunate to visit.


In any event, thank you so much for your patience and for visiting here. We do this for fun and enjoyment – so feel free to visit here anytime.  Best regards and 73 !

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