Monthly Archives: April 2017

A Serious Thought

Today, the United States responded to the horrible atrocity of sarin gas being used on civilians, men women and children, in Syria.  Sarin is a banned chemical weapon that is a nerve agent. UNICEF has stated that 546 people were injured, “among them many children.”

A little background helps understand here. In 2013, Syria joined the chemical weapons convention  under a joint US and Russia agreement.  Syria agreed to hand over its stockpile of about 2.8 million pounds of toxic weapons and disable their chemical weapons program.  Russia is responsible for overseeing their compliance. Apparently, and I agree with our Secretary of State, they are either complicit in this civilian attack or incompetent.

I am not posting the videos that have been seen of the result of these chemical attacks, they are truly horrible.   It is time that we take decisive action that will clearly show we will not tolerate this inhumanity.  It also shows we, as a country, have changed our philosophy. We are no longer “leading from behind” nor will be resorting to sending really stern letter. Instead, we are using our military prowess effectively and decisively.

Although very sadden that this had to be done, I am encouraged our President is returning the United States to a position of leadership and morality in a clearly immoral of our world.   God Bless our President and the United States of America.