Michigan Game

More questions than answers resulted from the Michigan game. Perhaps the most serious, at least to me, is the injury status on DB Chauncey Gardner. The last report I saw indicated a MRI was to be done on Monday. The initial thought was the injury was a cramp, however it appears to be potentially more serious. Last evening, he could not put much weight on the leg and he left the stadium in a boot.

Michigan showed us that the Offensive Line is not the strength of our team. Far from it, the play from them I saw was disappointing, failing to open any holes for running backs and letting the Michigan Defense dominate the line of scrimmage. While Michigan racked up 215 yards rushing, our improved Gator running backs contributed 11 net yards. No typo, a total of eleven yards. We rushed 27 times, with an average gain of 0.4 yards per rush. Total offensive yardage from the Gators was 192 yards while Michigan netted 433 yards.

After reviewing the stats and the game, I agree with Coach Mac that “They (Michigan) took it to us. Give them their due.” He also noted that the quarterbacks didn’t play great, but that it was hard to do so when you are not getting blocking from up front.

I have to wonder how a unit, supposedly a strength of the team for this season was so dominated at the line of scrimmage. We looked a lot like turnstiles on several plays. Should we be concerned about our strength and conditioning program, as we were badly manhandled for almost all the game on the line? Depth, coaching ? A lot of questions remain to be answered.

Admittedly, this was our first game, against a team that was ranked considerable higher than we were, in a dominating stadium. We will learn a lot about the strength and character of the team, and our coaches, in the next three games. Tennessee may be a serious challenge for the Gators.

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