Aviation – The Thrill of Flying

The Flying Circus

It has been said that flying is the second most favorite thing a man can do, and I agree.  Of course, the number one favorite for pilots is landing.

Although  no longer active, I fell in love with flying when I met my next door neighbor many years ago, Joe Kittinger.  Little did I know at the time that he was a multiple world record holder, highly decorated war hero, and a record setting space aviator, holding the record for the high altitude parachute jump (from 102,800 feet.

My thanks can never be expressed enough to Joe and Sherry, both Kathy and I really miss all the excitement we had being members of the “Red Neck Squadron” and Balloon Team.  Even more meaningful was to be their friend.

This section is dedicated to our love of flying – we hope that you enjoy our posts, feeds, pictures and videos.  As alway, comments are welcome.

The Beechcraft Staggerwing D-17S.