Gator Corner

We really enjoyed writing the Gator Corner for a local publication, but decided to stop since print deadline made our articles, at least, 30 days old.  From time to time, I will publish an opinion or comment about Gator Sports here.  I hope you will enjoy these efforts. Feel free to comment, agree or disagree with these opinions.  I have no insider contacts or information, so please understand the points are totally my opinion.

Figure a Way to Win:

The Gators suffered a beat down by Michigan when they opened the season at Jerry Jones’ football cathedral.  There was a lot of question about this team and their ability to field any offensive production.  Although the Defense played with a lot of effort, they simply became exhausted.  

The team got no breaks with the cancellation of the second game due to Hurricane Irma.  By not playing this game, the team was handicapped in playing experience and the opportunity to measure their changes and “tweaks” during game conditions.  As Irma continued to torture Florida, many of our players were severely distracted, worrying about their homes and families. 

If you watched the Tennessee game, you saw two different games. Neither team were able to muster much of an offense in the first three quarters, but it was noticeable that our Gators, a very young team playing many freshmen and red shirt freshmen, never quit. Here are some of the highlights from this game, including an amazing called pass play that won the game. Many refer to this as a hail Mary.  It was not, it was a called play.

The Offense seemed show spark and extreme effort, perhaps they have turned the corner after a very difficult start to the season, the suspensions, the hurtful loss against Michigan, the cancelled game and the numerous doubts over the team and staff.  
Obviously tired, here is the post game press conference by Coach McElwain. 

A Lost Future ?

It has been reported by several  in the media that two, perhaps more, of the suspended players are expected to be arrested on felony charges in the next few days.  At least one of the group had a great potential to be drafted by the NFL.  If these reports are corrected, the player(s) have thrown away their college opportunities as well as a future big time career.

How disappointing and sad for the Gator Nation, and more importantly, the families of these young athletes who worked so hard to give these young men an opportunity to succeed.