Slowly Recovering…..

Several months ago, we had lightening damage to our computers and my ham radio shack.  The past few months have been spent trouble shooting our air conditioning, electrical appliances, computers and station equipment.  Whie not exactly fun, we can now seen the end of the tunnel and will, hopefully, hack to normal.


For our Ham friends, we are sporadically back on the air – usually 20 M at 14.070 PSK. Still having some codec and port issues, but better than before.


For our website friends, we are coming back, enjoying Spring Ball and will begin updating the site much more often.  We are trying to add a travelogue picture section which will show some of the beautiful places we have been fortunate to visit.


In any event, thank you so much for your patience and for visiting here. We do this for fun and enjoyment – so feel free to visit here anytime.  Best regards and 73 !

A Stand Tall Loss

In assessing the LSU game, look at the facts:

This is the fourth backup quarterback LSU has faced in the last four weeks. They remain undefeated.

Treon had 4 days to prepare for the starting quarterback role.  Even in 4 weeks, you cannot coach in height.

Prior to the game, Les Miles has coached 46 games at night in Death Valley.  He has won 44 of the 46 games. Now he is 45 and 2 at night.

In addition to the above, the officiating in this game was not the best I have seen. While not as bad as the Swindle in the Swamp, there were several game changing calls and non-calls that took control of the game rather than facilitating the game.  I was really dissppointed in the officiating. It amazes me that we drew the same team of officials in two of our six games.

While our Gators lost, I was really impressed with the fight this team showed. They never quit. They played their hearts out for the full 60 minutes.  I am very proud that Coach Mac encouraged each player as they left the field, telling them to hold their heads up. This team has nothing to be ashamed about.

The Gators still control their destiny.  The coaches have two weeks to let the team heal, develop an innovative game plan that capitalizes on the strengths Treon showed against LSU, and work on helping the team learn from the mistakes they made in this competitive game.

It is still GREAT to be a FLORIDA GATOR.  


A Day of Sadness & Rededication….

A Day of Sadness…..

Monday, 12 October, was a day of true sadness for Gator Fans. A historical legend stepped down from coaching the game he loves and a legend in the making admitted a serious mistake that results in him stepping aside as the starting quarterback for our Gators for, possibly, 12 months.

The greatest offensive minded head coach ever in college football, Steve Spurrier, announced it was time for him to step aside. The Ole HBC is the only head coach to both win a Heisman Trophy as a player and coach another to a Heisman Award.  This occurred while he was at the University of Florida.  I was fortunate to attend every home game the OBC coached at UF. The greatest Gator home game ever in the Swamp is available at the Gator Video Page.  He has earned the respect and admiration of every fan who has entered “the Swamp.”

From his retirement press conference:

Watching Coach Mac’s press conference was the same as watching the air deflate from Tom Brady’s football.  Will Grier had to face the media and the Gator Nation and admit to his error.  He took an over the counter supplement that contained a banned substance. As a result, the NCAA automatically suspends Grier for one year. While having the same penalty for an over the counter substance anyone could purchase as would be imposed for illegally possessed steroids or street drugs.  Grier’s mistake was in not checking with the medical or training staff before taking the supplement.  One year suspension seems to be an excessive level of punishment, especially when you consider Todd Gurley was suspended for 4 games and Tunsil is eligible to return after a 7 game suspension.  Both Gurley and Tunsil knowingly and intentionally committed acts they knew were violations.  Grier has been at UF for over a year, been tested numerous times, and never had a problem before which indicates he was not using and PED long term.  During his red shirt year in the conditioning program, he added 20 pounds, again not indicative of an unusual weight gain for this young man. His academic record is reportedly very good, his background has no reported disciplinary problems. He is obviously remorseful and stood up to face the consequences.  Watch this excerpt from the press conference:

Now it is time to get behind Treon Harris.  The Gators are still in control of their destiny.  Time for the Gator Nation, in all kinds of weather, to support our team.

Two Significant Victories

The Florida Gators took care of Ole Miss in the Swamp and had a really impressive win against Missouri in Columbia.  Not many picked the Gators to even be in this game, yet the Gators won 21-3.  Kudos to our Defense – they played a great 60 minute game.  This performance bodes well for the rest of the season – the Gator D may need to keep us in the upcoming games.

I Just Saw Magic…

After last quarter heroics in Lexington, many Gators were truly nervous about the Tennessee Volunteers coming to Gainesville. Riding a 10 year winning streak, we did not want this young team to be the team that broke the streak.  They maintained the Kentucky streak, but Tennessee was going to be much more difficult.


As Lee McGriff said, “I just saw Magic…” after a 4th and 14 play with an amazing completion to Antonio Callaway.”  The came the Vols field goal attempt, which missed but UF has called a time out, giving them another attempt.  The second attempt, even with help pf an incorrect spot that very favorably moved the ball towards the center of the field instead of being on the right hash, also failed.


Videos of all our games to date are now up on the website for your viewing pleasure.  That was a great win, but Coach Mac is correct, now is the time to have put this behind us, learn from it, and get ready for a great team to come in Saturday.  Hopefully, the student section will fill up, the student section blocks attend, be rowdy, loud and show we all support a truly gritty, committed team that plays their hearts out for the Orange and Blue.

Gators are Learning

While not offered as an excuse, the Gators are a very young team, lacking experience. What they have shown so far this season is a willingness to learn. While the first game must not have offered any defensive challenge, the second game against a very good ECU showed the Gators they were not at the elite level.  I believe the team had gotten a little overconfident and lost focus and the understand every practice session, as well as every play on Saturday deserves, no make that requires full effort and attention.

This team showed grit and determination in the Kentucky game. All of the so-called experts on the four letter sports network pregame show picked Kentucky to win, as did most everyone else.  This was the year for Kentucky, improving significantly under coach Stoops, to break the 28 year streak. It was broken, but not the way they thought – it is now 29 straight years of Gator victories.  Our young, RS Freshman quarterback, Will Grier has made amazing strides in  leading this team.  Although obviously hurting, he showed determination to stay in the game and finish what had started. Encouraging !

Website Additions

Gators:   We are adding to the Gator Sports section, which contains selected videos for each game of this season. We hope you like them.

Technology:   Several new syndicated feeds detailing advances in computer hardware, software and related information are being added.  It will take awhile to get this section fully populated, so look for new feeds whenever you visit.

Again, thanks for visiting. Feel free to visit often and enjoy the resources we are putting together for you.  and remember – GO GATORS and 73.

Gator Storm Swamps NMSU

Our Gators proudly opened the season before 90,227 energized fans, demolishing Nex Mexico State 61-13 in the Swamp.  Our two quarterbacks, Treon Harris and Will Grier, totaled 379 passing yards and five touchdowns.  The Gator offense put together a total of 606 yards of total offense.

While this was far from a perfect game, Gator execution was amazing, capped with excellent play calling, strong attention to detail and only one penalty. The last time the Gators had only 1 penalty was in 1977.  Gator fans can be described as “giddy” after this offensive performance, something not seen in over 4 years.

Here are some highlights, courtesy of Florida Football All Access.

Coach McElwain held a press conference on Monday after the NMSU game. here is the video of that conference.

A Storm is brewing…..

After a few years of absent offensive production, a new storm is brewing in the Swamp. Excitement is returning to the Gator Nation as Coach McElwain puts his plan into effect.

There is no doubt we are fans of the Orange and Blue. If you are a fan of college football, you are a friend. If you are a fan of the Florida Gators, you are family as a part of the Gator Nation.


But what does it mean to be a fan of our Gators ? Here is one answer….

Welcome to Coach McElwain and his staff.  For sure, our Coaches have to overcome the last few years and teach these players how to play to win, instead of playing not to lose. There is a big difference! Here is the introduction for Coach McElwain.



Thank You, Billy Donovan


Billy Donovan, the Dean of SEC Coaches, the most successful basketball coach ever at the University of Florida. known as Billy the Kid, is no longer any of the three.  Billy gave the Gators his heart and soul for 19 years, leading the Gators to back to back National Championships, becoming one of the few coaches ever to achieve 500 wins before their 50th birthday and making our program one of the elite.

As we know, Billy is now the head coach of the Oklahoma City NBA franchise. While the Gator Nation thanks Billy for making our program truly successful and outstanding among college basketball, we are saddened to see him leave his home of 19 years.  It seems his tenure here went by in a flash.

Our wish is for Billy to achieve true success in Oklahoma City, that there fans appreciate what a talented coach they have and, most imnportantly, he and his family have nothing but enjoyment, satisfaction and happiness.  They will always be thought of as Gators and are truly respected and admired by the Gator Nation.  There is no doubt there will be significant “Thunder” coming off the Oklahome City NBA Court.