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Thanks Savanna – well said.

It’s so sad that with every tragedy that happens in our country, people use it to push their own political views. 😔 At the end of the day, we all want the same thing. Not one person on my Facebook (left or right) is pushing to have more children die, so why fight? If we want the same thing and only differ in how we get to that goal, why not LISTEN instead of name calling and blaming? Why not come together as the American people and agree that although we have different opinions, we KNOW we are heading in the wrong direction as a whole. If we are always divided, we will never accomplish change. And if things don’t change, tragedy will continue. I don’t want for everyone to think/feel the same. But I do think that for a common cause – such as helping to prevent mass killings.. we should be able to forget our differences and come together as one. As a country, as HUMANS who just want to see their children grow up safe, loved and protected.