Thank You, Billy Donovan


Billy Donovan, the Dean of SEC Coaches, the most successful basketball coach ever at the University of Florida. known as Billy the Kid, is no longer any of the three.  Billy gave the Gators his heart and soul for 19 years, leading the Gators to back to back National Championships, becoming one of the few coaches ever to achieve 500 wins before their 50th birthday and making our program one of the elite.

As we know, Billy is now the head coach of the Oklahoma City NBA franchise. While the Gator Nation thanks Billy for making our program truly successful and outstanding among college basketball, we are saddened to see him leave his home of 19 years.  It seems his tenure here went by in a flash.

Our wish is for Billy to achieve true success in Oklahoma City, that there fans appreciate what a talented coach they have and, most imnportantly, he and his family have nothing but enjoyment, satisfaction and happiness.  They will always be thought of as Gators and are truly respected and admired by the Gator Nation.  There is no doubt there will be significant “Thunder” coming off the Oklahome City NBA Court.

Welcome & Enjoy !

Ever wonder what it is like to fly with the USAF Thunderbirds? Here is an edited clip of Bill Engvall describing portions of his experience.


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Humor will continue to be a part of this site. I ran across this clip and had to share it with you.  If you have flown, you are familiar with the standard pre-flight safety announcement and airline commercial.  This Flight Attendant does a superb job delivering the message in a way you will remember and enjoy. I really would enjoy flying with an aircrew that had this sense of humor.

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